Mature Caucasian Female In Black Sheer ShirtWhen it comes to potentially getting plastic surgery such as a facelift, many Raleigh area residents know what they want their results to look like, but don’t exactly know the technical details of the procedures required to achieve them. That’s okay! Dr. Zenn of Zenn Plastic Surgery aims to properly inform and educate each of his potential facelift candidates during their initial consultation with him, and he spends ample time during these appointments listening to their concerns, goals, and explaining which procedure or procedures may help them achieve the results they want.

Specifically, when it comes to facelifts, many Raleigh candidates are unsure of the differences that are done on the upper, mid and lower faces. And they are afraid of being “over done” and obvious.  We understand and we’re here to help educate! Continue reading for a brief description on how plastic surgery can impact each of these portions of the face.

Addressing Issues of the Upper Face

If you have issues of the upper face, such as eyebrows that have seemed to have fallen over the years, sagging or drooping eyelids, or pervasive under eye circles despite the fact you get proper rest, you may need one of two common surgeries that are frequently added on to facelift procedures.

An eyebrow lift (browlift) can raise these features of the upper face to give you a more refreshed and youthful appearance. Blepharoplasty, commonly referred to as eye lift surgery, can address drooping and sagging upper and lower eyelids, as well as dark under eye circles that never seem to go away. Neither procedure is technically a part of a facelift, but both are commonly combined with a traditional facelift to give you an overall look that you are pleased with.

Issues Addressed with Mid Facelifts

Many facelift candidates know the facelift procedure by what it does to the midface. Through the hidden incision that Dr. Zenn makes in your hairline, he is able to address mid-face issues such as skin laxity by accessing the facial muscles and underlying facial structure. Replenishing the volume your face has lost over the years with your own fat tissue is key. Dr. Zenn will perform liposuction in an area of your choice, then process you fat cells for fat grafting to the areas in need. Next, Dr. Zenn tightens underlying structures to support your new uplifted look and removes any extra skin, all while avoiding that windblown or overdone look we have all seen and definitely don’t want! Those people did not go to Dr. Zenn!

Lower Face Lift Issues

When Dr. Zenn is working on a Raleigh patient’s lower face during a facelift surgery, he’s typically addresses sagging and drooping skin and jowls. A youthful neck is well defined with no hanging skin and a beautiful jawline. By defying gravity, he’s able to provide these patients with a more youthful, refreshed looking appearance. Patient’s continue to look like themselves, just a younger, more refreshed version.

Your Facelift Experience at Zenn Plastic Surgery

Because every facelift patient is different and has unique facial anatomy, no two facelifts are alike. And no two facelift surgeons are alike.  This is true when considering surgical experience and artistic eye.  This is your face and everyone will see your result!  Your facelift experience with Dr. Zenn will be completely tailored to your problem areas and desired outcomes. And it will not be obvious to others that you had cosmetic surgery.  Dr. Zenn’s goal with all his patients is a completely natural result.

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Whether you’re unhappy with your upper, mid or lower face, or just do not like what you see in the mirror everyday, Dr. Zenn can help you do something about it.

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