Where do I begin…I came to Dr. Zenn lacking hope and confidence in the way I looked. As well as the experiences I had already had up until that point. I was referred to Dr. Zenn by my original plastic surgeon whom I still respect and adore…but we had exhausted all our options and it was time to try something new.

In 2013 I had my first breast augmentation. I was small chested my entire life and wanted to feel more womanly without shocking everyone and I choose a very conservative size.

Several years later, in 2018, I found myself wanting larger implants and so I decided to have a second survey done to increase the size. Unknowing at the time, but the size we choose was far too large which lead to several unexpected complications. My skin was thin and unaccommodating to the implants and after feeling a sudden sharp pain during exercise about three months after my second surgery we decided I would need a revision to correct the problem.

We waited until the six-month mark and I then went in for the revision. Everything seemed fine…until I was forced to visit the ER ten days after the revision. I had tremendous and unexplainable discomfort, swelling and other indications of a possible infection. We decided the most prudent thing would be to remove both implants and wait for my body to heal before discussing my next step.

I was devastated. My chest was flat and even worse, I had these large, unsightly scars. After two augmentations, one revision and an implant removal, I was ready to call it quits and accept things the way they were. On a follow up appointment with my original surgeon I brought up the topic of internal bras or an acellular dermal matrix, which I had found on the internet and thought maybe I would be a strong candidate for the procedure. He told me he didn’t do that procedure but he could recommend someone who did. I was months away from when he recommended doing ANYTHING with my chest but I was too eager to get some answers so I took the next available appointment with Dr. Zenn.

As soon as I met Dr. Zenn I felt a huge weight lifted. He restored my confidence and gave me hope again and for that I will be forever grateful. From the moment I walked into his office and met Dr. Zenn and his staff, I knew I was in good hands. He explained everything in great detail and answered all of my questions without hesitation. I was so comfortable in a situation where most couldn’t imagine finding any comfort. Thanks to Dr. Zenn I am confident again and speechless with what he was able to achieve. I recommend him to everyone I speak to. You shouldn’t look anywhere else, he’s your guy.   ~Google Review 2019