I called to make my consultation appointment for a breast augmentation with the mindset that I would not actually go through with it. I had wanted to do it for YEARS but I was always too scared to actually do it.

After talking to the Patient Care Coordinator Cindy on the phone, I hung up thinking, “Wow, this really IS a good idea!” Once I met Dr. Zenn and his nurse Lissa, I definitely knew I wanted to go through with it. They are amazing! Dr. Zenn is so knowledgeable and well respected in his field. He is very compassionate as well and really listened to me and what I wanted. I even called with a question about my upcoming surgery on Labor Day not knowing if the office was open or not. I told the answering service that I would just call back the next day; my question could wait. Within minutes, Dr. Zenn had returned my call. What doctor takes the time to do that? Lissa called the Friday before my plastic surgery procedure and told me that if I needed to call her at all that weekend, I could. And she really meant it! The surgery went smoothly and Dr. Zenn called to check on me that evening. My only regret? I did not do it earlier. I highly recommend Dr. Zenn for any procedure you may be contemplating. I am still in awe of my results. What a huge improvement! I had such a fast recovery and I was back in the gym doing my regular CrossFit workouts in 3 weeks, weights, gymnastics, and all! Dr. Zenn and his office staff make you feel like more than just a patient…you feel like you are part of the family. He is the BEST!   ~Google Review 2019