Why Choose Dr. Zenn?

  • Dr. Zenn is universally recognized as a master breast surgeon by his peers
  • He is frequently invited to teach breast surgery techniques around the world
  • Dr. Zenn has published several textbook chapters and articles on breast surgery
  • Honored as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor for Cosmetic Surgery
  • No Raleigh plastic surgeon is better trained or more experienced with breast reduction surgery

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, also called a reduction mammaplasty, both lifts and decreases the size of women’s breasts. A typical breast reduction removes one-half to three-quarters of breast volume. Hence this plastic surgery procedure often relieves neck and back pain, and also frequently other discomforts too.

Dr. Zenn’s breast reduction patients love their smaller, natural-looking breasts.  And also to appreciate the elimination of physical discomforts and almost always gain an increased sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Dr. Zenn’s Approach

Women come to Dr. Zenn for breast reduction surgery for a variety of reasons:

  • Some have breasts that are just too large for their body. They are often “top heavy” and have genetically disproportionate, large breasts
  • Some women find that their bodies have changed following pregnancy, weight gain, or as a result of aging
  • Many decide to have a breast reduction to return their breasts to a smaller size with a more uplifted youthful shape
  • Women frequently describe their struggle to find clothing styles or bras that fit well. Breast reduction allows women to more easily find bras and everyday clothes – which has enormous impact for them. Afterwards, some women even choose to go braless!
  • Many women live with daily discomfort and self-consciousness related to having overly large breasts

Dr. Zenn has extensive experience in the full range of reduction mammaplasty surgery techniques. Therefore, patients can expect excellent results that are symmetrical, attractive, and in harmony with their body’s contour. Because this surgery is both functional and cosmetic, it consistently produces some of his happiest and most appreciative patients. Not only do they look better – they feel better too!

The common sentiment after this surgical procedure is, “I’m so happy! I should have done it years ago!”

I received a breast reduction from Dr. Zenn about 1.5yrs ago, and I can honestly say it was the best possible experience I could have ever imagined.

Your Breast Reduction Consultation

During your initial consultation, you will discuss with Dr. Zenn your concerns and symptoms, and what you hope to achieve with breast reduction surgery. A primary goal of the consultation is for you and Dr. Zenn to develop a shared understanding of the breast size you would ultimately like to have. Together you will develop a surgical plan based on shared surgical goals, your body type, and his expertise.

You may wonder if your breasts will look “natural” following breast reduction surgery. You will certainly want to know where the incisions will be and whether the scars will be noticeable. Dr. Zenn will review his extensive gallery of before and after photos with you to show you actual results on his patients with similar body types and objectives.

Breast reduction surgery is highly artistic. After Dr. Zenn removes excess tissue, he must then shape the remaining breast. This is not a “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” procedure as the shaping happens in real time in the operating room. Therefore, every plastic surgeon has their own aesthetic as to what is beautiful.

Dr. Zenn believes your breasts should look as beautiful in clothes as they do out of clothes. And of course, he strives to make that happen.

Dr. Zenn brings a calm “zen-like” bedside manner and a high degree of authenticity and transparency to these discussions. Certainly he will answer all of your questions – and probably many you forget to ask! This is because we want you to be comfortable with your choice to have breast reduction surgery. As well as very confident with your choice of surgeon.

Women who are planning on future pregnancies may want to hold off on getting a reduction mammaplasty surgery for a few reasons. First, breast reduction can impact the ability to breastfeed, by removal of much of the breast gland and possible changes in nipple sensitivity. More importantly, the changes to the breast with pregnancy and breast feeding can significantly change the size and shape of the breast, altering the results of your breast reduction surgery and possibly necessitating more surgery after to reshape your breasts. Better to have just one procedure that will stand the test of time.

Your Experience

Zenn Plastic Surgery patients have their procedures in one of several accredited surgical facilities in the Raleigh – Durham – Wake Forest – Cary areas. Moreover, a board-certified anesthesiologist helps patients sleep safely and comfortably throughout the surgery. Most patients go home an hour after completion of surgery. Pain medicine is an option, but to most patients surprise post-surgery they are actually very comfortable and can manage with Tylenol and Motrin or Aleve.

Your Recovery

Most of Dr. Zenn’s patients are able to return to work or normal daily activities within one week of surgery. There will be swelling and bruising but are not visible in clothes. Patients will wear a sports bra 24/7 for the first 2 weeks to encourage a healthy recovery. And you should delay exercise and more intensive activities. Dr. Zenn will likely give you approval to resume normal activities during your follow-up appointment a week after surgery. All patients are encouraged to shower the first day after surgery and every day thereafter. Scar gel is provided to be applied for the first two months in order to minimize the appearance of scars long-term. Once you have fully healed, we know you will enjoy your more comfortable and attractive new figure!

Breast Reduction FAQs

  • What is the difference between breast lift and breast reduction?

    You should not be able to tell if someone had a breast lift or a breast reduction after surgery. Both end up with a beautiful breast in both shape and size. The difference is the amount of tissue removed. A breast reduction removes 200 grams or more of tissue, including skin. A breast lift does not remove very much breast tissue, only skin.

  • Will Breast Reduction Improve my Neck and Back Pain?

    While most patients feel relief of neck and back pain with breast reduction, it really depends on the cause of the pain and how long it has been present. Some pain is related to changes in the spine and neck that are permanent from years of stress or perhaps other medical conditions. Even in those cases, some relief can be expected as the larger breasts continually pull and aggravate the condition. If performed when young enough, many of these permanent changes can be avoided.

  • Does insurance cover breast reduction surgery?

    While insurance did cover the cost of this surgery in the past, it has become quite difficult to get insurance to cover a straight-forward breast reduction today. The best way to determine this is to contact your carrier and see if you meet their criteria, which usually involve weight loss and prolonged and documented physical therapy. And even with that, approval is not a guarantee.