At Zenn Plastic Surgery of Raleigh, we understand you have many options when choosing a plastic surgeon. It is important to consider credentials, experience and patient reviews when evaluating surgeons. Dr. Michael Zenn’s credentials are unmatched which is why he performs surgery in North Carolina – on patients who travel to see him from near and far.

About Dr. Michael Zenn

Michael Zenn, M.D. is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon. He has an impressive educational background that includes Ivy League degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University. His eight years of surgical training started with general surgical residency at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center and included a plastic surgery residency at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital. He followed residency with additional training with a prestigious fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, for facial and breast plastic surgery.

Dr. Zenn is board certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). He also administers oral boards each year, as an examiner for the ABPS. He is an active member for multiple medical and surgical societies and a Past President of the NC Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Zenn’s other active memberships include:

  • American Society of Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • American Association of Plastic Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Medical Association

One of Dr. Zenn’s most notable achievements is his invention of the Zenn Delay for breast reconstruction. Dr. Zenn’s breast reconstruction technique enables women to undergo immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy due to cancer or BRCA genetic risk. Other plastic surgeons around the world use this method to change women’s lives, just as Dr. Zenn continues to do so in his Raleigh, NC practice today.

Raleigh-area patients often come to Dr. Zenn because he has been recognized as one of the “Three Best Plastic Surgeons” in Raleigh for 2019 and 2020. He has been named among the “Best Doctors in America” for many years and Castle Connolly recognized him as Top Cosmetic Doctor and Top Cancer Specialist.

Because of his unique credentials and achievements, Dr. Zenn is an excellent choice as your plastic surgeon. But it is his easy-going, relaxed and calm demeanor that patients enjoy most. To learn more about him, read Dr. Zenn’s full bio and learn about his philosophy.

Is Dr. Zenn the Plastic Surgeon for Me?

A consultation is the best way to find out if Dr. Zenn is the plastic surgeon for you. Before this consultation, consider what you hope to achieve from a procedure and who is performing it. Most patients want to feel more comfortable in their own skin and confident in their appearance. The right plastic surgeon means is the one you can trust to help you reach those goals. You also must feel comfortable with him or her throughout all stages of the surgical process, including before, during and after your procedure.

To help you make your decision, consider some key points to look for during the consultation visit.

Board Certification

Did you know that the government does not require surgeons to have specific training before offering procedures like a breast augmentation, facelift or other cosmetic surgery? In the arena of plastic surgery, you must look beyond state medical board credentials. Ask if the surgeon is board certified specifically in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You do not want cosmetic surgery from someone certified in another medical specialy such as ENT, General Surgery or Opthomology. And there is no such thing as a recognized board certification in Cosmetic Surgery.


Choose your plastic surgeon based also on his or her experience, in the particular procedures you seek. For example, if you want to have a Mommy Makeover, ask about their history in performing this specific type of surgery. Make sure they have performed thousands of the procedure you are interested in. Also ask to see many Before and After photos.

Aesthetic Sense

The words “beautiful” or “handsome” are subjective. For this reason, you need a plastic surgeon with similar aesthetic tastes as you. You should know before your procedure what your agreen aesthetic goals are – what’s realistic to expect.

This is another reason why reviewing your prospective surgeon’s image gallery is so important. Find images of patients whose “before” photos look similar to your current body, particularly the parts you seek to change. Are the results achieved for that individual also how you wish to look? Do the results look natural?

For example, if you seek a breast lift because your breasts sag, it is important to know that you will feel satisfied by your results. Among the mastoplexy before-and-after gallery, find a before image that looks similar to your own breasts. Do you like the “after” image and the improvements shown? Will you feel confident and satisfied with those results?

Personality and Atmosphere

Surgery of any kind is not easy. You need to feel comfortable with the person performing your plastic surgery procedure, as well as the support team working with you. Find a surgeon with whom you like spending time. Ensure you feel you can trust them. Also make sure you feel comfortable asking questions and disclosing your medical history to them.

Personality is particularly important in a plastic surgeon, when you feel timid or embarrassed about the parts of your body you wish to change. For example, if you have very big breasts and want a breast reduction, maybe you feel shy about disrobing and talking about this common problem. An excellent plastic surgeon is always professional and makes you feel immediately comfortable in his dedication to helping you feel more self-confident in your own skin.

Surgical Facility

The surgical facility plays a big role in your safety during your procedure. You should only have your surgery in an accredited operating room, such as at a licensed hospital or surgery center. These facilities must have life support systems and a qualified anesthetist, for example.

Exceptional Customer Service

Most plastic surgery patients must pay out-of-pocket for their elective procedures. This is a big decision and an equally big investment. You should receive exceptional customer service from staff, from the moment you walk in the front door. To decide whether a particular practice is a good fit, ask yourself some key questions, such as:

  • Is the staff helpful and friendly?
  • Do I feel comfortable in the office, such as in the waiting room?
  • Do I have access to patient materials that prepare me for my surgery?
  • Are the fees clear and all-inclusive?
  • When I call the practice, do they answer right away or return my call promptly?

The sure way to learn whether Zenn Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, NC is the right fit for your procedure is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zenn. In this first visit, you learn about your procedure, meet the staff and have your questions answered. To schedule, simply request an appointment online or call us at 919.480.3885 today.