Jo Ann Garofalo, RN, CPSN

Nurse Clinician

Jo Ann is a certified plastic surgery nurse (CPSN) who is an invaluable resource to our patients. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery, Jo Ann provides information and support to all Zenn Plastic Surgery patients, from initial consultation to postoperative recovery.

Compassionate, easy to talk to, and a true patient advocate, Jo Ann is part of what makes Zenn Plastic Surgery so special. She has been Dr. Zenn’s nurse for 20+ years so she knows what questions patients usually ask and how to answer them. She even answers the questions you forget to ask! She has cared for thousands of patients, many of whom have undergone the same procedure you may be considering. She is available to all of our patients to answer questions – no question is too small!

Jo Ann was awarded the “Excellence in Nursing Practice Award” by Duke University Medical Center in 2010 for her patient advocacy. Additionally, she received the “Significant Achievement in Plastic Surgical Nursing” award in 2012 from the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses.

“Dr. Zenn is truly a compassionate and caring surgeon who places the needs and safety of his patients first. He treats everyone as if they were a family member or a friend. As a matter of fact, he has operated on several of my family members and friends! I am not at all surprised that so many medical professionals, including local plastic surgeons, send their own family members to Dr. Zenn for surgery. Even after more than 20 years at his side, I am still in awe of his expertise and talent in the field of plastic surgery.” – Jo Ann

Member of the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses