Healed & Moving on just 7 Weeks Post Mastectomy!

I was lucky, my breast cancer didn’t require any other treatment except the double mastectomy. But I was even luckier to find Dr. Zenn and have the Zenn Delay reconstruction. Instead of spending weeks (likely months because of COVID) in tissue expanders and then having reconstruction, I’m healed and moving on with life seven weeks post mastectomy. If you are considering reconstruction post mastectomy, I can’t recommend Dr. Zenn and the Zenn Delay procedure strongly enough!   ~Google Review 2020


I cannot say enough about my positive experience with Dr. Zenn!! I’m seven weeks post double mastectomy and six weeks post reconstruction and I feel great and am back to normal activities! Yes, seriously.

After my breast cancer diagnosis when I learned that I would need a double mastectomy, I was encouraged by one of my girlfriends to call Zenn Plastic Surgery. It was the best call I made. As soon as I explained my situation, their concern and compassion were palpable and I got an appointment immediately. When my husband and I arrived for our appointment, we were warmly welcomed by Dr. Zenn’s staff who go out of their way to make you comfortable.

Meeting with Dr. Zenn and learning about the Zenn Delay breast reconstruction procedure was a complete game changer! No weeks (months?) of tissue expanders where you are not truly recovered — just ten days to two weeks between mastectomy and reconstruction. Dr. Zenn is a true professional and covered all the details about both the traditional and Zenn Delay reconstruction. My husband and I felt beyond comfortable— I’d say we felt confident in Dr. Zenn.

Although Dr. Zenn had not worked previously with my breast surgeon, he reached out and they spoke 2-3 times before my mastectomy. My breast surgeon’s confidence in going with the Zenn Delay buoyed my own, even in the face of a breast cancer diagnosis and facing a double mastectomy.

Dr. Zenn truly goes the extra mile with his patients: Two days after my mastectomy Dr. Zenn called to check in with me. It wasn’t even after his surgery, and he was making sure I was feeling ok and healing well. Six days after the mastectomy, Dr. Zenn removed my drains and I got to try different implants on for size. It was great to see that I would look like myself again — and soon!

Really soon! Eight days after my double mastectomy I had the reconstruction. Dr. Zenn’s presence was reassuring and calming, especially as I went into the operating room and in recovery.

And of course even more great service: Even though my reconstruction was on a Friday, Dr. Zenn saw me on Saturday to check on everything, remove bandages, and get me all situated for recovery. I was assured I could text him at anytime, and I did. I always got a prompt and reassuring response. I cannot say enough about how well I was cared for through this entire experience.   ~Facebook Review 2020

Recovery time is fast and uncomplicated…

Dr. Zenn performed a double breast reconstruction two weeks post mastectomy. The procedure is unlike any other, non-invasive (no muscles are cut) and the recovery time is fast and uncomplicated. Recommended to me by my cancer clinic, he provided me with contacts of patients who had the same operation. All were enthusiastic both about their results and about him personally. Dr. Zenn answers all questions promptly. His “bedside manner” put me at ease. Staff is knowledgeable and polite. Highly recommend!   ~Healthgrades 2019


Dr. Zenn does excellent work with a caring touch. I am so glad I chose the Zenn Delay procedure. He and his caring, attentive, and responsive support team are quite the professionals… every office visit was a positive experience. Dr. Zenn is an innovative, state-of-the-art surgeon!   ~ Google Review 2019


I came to Dr. Zenn after a breast cancer diagnosis for breast reconstruction surgery. I am SO GRATEFUL that I found him. When I learned that the norm for women after mastectomies was to have expanders put in under the muscle for several months up to a year, I was pretty discouraged. I felt very comfortable with the Zenn Delay and relieved that I could be completely done with reconstruction before radiation. I’m so pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Zenn.   ~Google Review 2019


Dr. Zenn is top in his field medically and technically, and his support staff is top drawer. His rapport with patients and staff is exceptional. He provides expert care and is thorough, informative, personable, respectful and respected. First choice and highly recommend for any reconstruction, revision, or correction!   ~Real Self Review 2018


Dr. Zenn is beyond skilled and the kindest surgeon you could possibly work with. He is state of the art and abreast of all of the newest procedures. I am a breast cancer survivor and I would not have symmetrical, natural looking, implants if it were not for his skill and passion for reconstruction. Thank you, Dr. Zenn…I am eternally grateful for you and your work!   ~ Real Self Review 2018


The news of breast cancer is never good; but having a doctor like Dr. Zenn that cares and is so good at what he does, makes a great difference. Thank you for walking with me throughout the process and helping me regain my confidence. Thank you!   ~Real Self Review 2018

BRACA 1 Gene

Making the decision to prophylactically remove your breasts at 34 is not an easy one to make. If you are like me, it requires a lot of work and even more careful deliberation and planning. There is research on top of research: researching statistics behind the decision, procedures, methods, and finally researching physicians. The later is the hardest part. I do not believe that all providers are created equal and it is oddly easier to research an electric toothbrush than it is a plastic surgeon. Now, after surgery, I am absolutely elated that I decided to put my medical faith in Dr. Zenn. He gave me more options for reconstruction than any other doctor in North Carolina. Even better than promises, he delivered. I am in utter disbelief regarding how well I healed and how truly amazing my result are.

I had bilateral mastectomies due to BRACA 1 gene mutation. Dr. Zenn performed immediate skin and nipple sparing breast reconstruction with silicone implants. My breasts look better now than they did before the surgery. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Zenn. He is talented, kind and compassionate. I would recommend him to anyone including my own daughter.