Flew from Ohio for Surgery

From the moment I met Dr Zenn and his staff, I felt comfortable and confident in the results I would achieve. Dr Zenn took a lot of time to assess my needs and then show me before and after photos to better understand how my results could look. Like anyone, I was nervous the day of my surgery. That is until Dr Zenn came in to chat with me. I felt calm going into surgery and my recovery is what I expected. During recovery, I was able to call Dr Zenn directly and text photos. This was convenient as I flew from Ohio to have this surgery. It’s been two months since my facelift and I’m very happy with the natural results. No visible scars and while I had fat transferred to my face, I don’t look over filled. I highly recommend Dr Zenn.   ~Google Review 2020

Wow, What a Great Experience

I had been wanting to erase the signs of aging for a while but did not want a full face lift. I went to a presentation given by Dr. Zenn and I knew by the time I left, he was “the guy” who would do a great job! I had my initial consult and we discussed how I saw myself and what could I do to get there. Everything was explained fully even the cons. Swallowed hard on reading the cons and how things could go wrong. I put my faith and trust in Dr. Zenn and I could not be any happier with my outcome. Even my daughter told me how could I look and best of all, how natural I looked. As any mother knows, daughters are our harshest critics!   ~Realself Review 2019

A True Artist

I had been unhappy about my appearance for some time but was basically a chicken about the idea of having anything done. Two friends of mine went to Dr. Zenn for facelifts and I was incredibly impressed with their results. So, I bit the bullet and went in for a consultation. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, demeanor, professionalism, kindness, and low-key approach. There was absolutely no pressure. I had my procedures two months ago. I must say that I am extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Zenn is a true artist. I feel so much better about my appearance and have gotten all kinds of compliments. I still look like me but it’s a much more youthful me. Dr. Zenn was always available at any time of day or night for any questions or issues. All of his staff were wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about this practice. If you are even remotely considering some kind of plastic surgery, call this doctor and make an appointment. You will not be disappointed.   ~Google Review 2019

More Youthful Version of Me

I wanted to turn back the clock just a bit but was scared to try a facelift for fear of looking unnatural. I decided to have it done by Dr Michael Zenn and could not be more pleased. I had the surgery done by Dr Zenn for 4 reasons.

One-I did my research and his credentials and expertise are above and beyond the rest of the surgeons.

Two-Dr Zenn had done a beautiful job on closing facial surgeries I had due to skin cancers. His artistic perspective shows in his attention to detail.

Three-Dr Zenn and his staff are accessible and welcoming. They were available pre- and post-surgery to address questions as they came up for me. Dr Zenn’s bedside manner is calm and reassuring- not at all distant or contrived.

And four- I was comfortable with Dr Zenn’s natural approach to plastic surgery. I did not want to look different but wanted a more youthful version of me. Dr Zenn delivered the result I was hoping for and I would highly recommend him to someone searching for the right match in a plastic surgeon.   ~ Google Review 2019

All I can Say is Wow!

I have had pervious plastic surgery starting at 55 yrs old and over the last 10 years I have been using fillers. The fillers were expensive and not lasting. My 65 yr old face was showing its age. I interviewed in person 5 different plastic surgeons including 2 in Washington DC. I chose Dr Zenn because of his demeanor, education, experience and relied heavily on his before and after pictures.

I am now 2 weeks out from a lower face lift and fat grafting around my eyes and lips. All I can say is WOW! Now I do still have swelling but I can tell that I am going to be extremely pleased. I think the biggest result will be from the fat grafting which contain stem cells and fat from my hips (another plus). No other doctor mentioned this in the description of his plan. This grafting is now part of my face. The insertion marks for the grafting are minimal and have almost disappeared after 2 weeks. I am just so happy I chose Dr. Zenn. He is so caring and humble.

The staff at the Rex Med told me how much they loved working with Dr. Zenn. When I woke up after the surgery in recovery, he told me everything went well and that he was very pleased. He also told me not to worry about my hair, because after surgery he shampooed my hair and put in conditioner. What doctor does this? Dr. Zenn does. After the surgery, he gave me his personal cell phone number if there was any concern on my part and I had an appointment the next day to make sure that there was no bleeding. I never had one issue and I accidentally called his cell phone one day trying to reach the office and he answered, so it wasn’t a calling service number.

My girlfriend had her plastic surgery with Dr. Zenn a month before mine. Total face lift with grafting she looks amazing. Still her face but so much more youthful. He is an artist and so skilled. He didn’t just pull the skin, he also readjusted the muscles. I would highly recommend Dr Zenn. He is the best.   ~Google Review 2018