Zenn Delay Patient 1 Shown Before and 2 Weeks After Mastectomy Copy

Patient 1 – This 42-year-old woman was scheduled for bilateral mastectomy and was told she would need tissue expansion for two months prior to placement of her final implants. She came to Dr. Zenn instead for a Zenn Delay. Although she was having her nipple removed during the mastectomy, Dr. Zenn felt that due to her breast droopiness, she had plenty of skin that could be used to avoid tissue expansion. She is pictured before her mastectomy; 2 weeks after her mastectomy with viable and healthy skin; 4 months after placement of her implants (no tissue expander!); and finally after application of 3D tattoos. The shape of the breasts using Zenn Delay is much more natural than the usual flatness seen after months of tissue expansion.

Breast Reconstruction with Zenn Delay Before and After Patient 2

Patient 2 – This is a 51-year-old with right breast cancer who underwent Zenn Delay. She is pictured at two weeks after mastectomy then 4 months after reconstruction with a gel implant on the right and mastopexy on the left for best symmetry. Her reconstructed breast is soft and naturally shaped with her own nipple preserved.

Patient 3 – 25 year-old with a genetic mutation that predisposed her to breast cancer. She chose to have prophylactic nipple sparing mastectomies and Zenn Delay reconstruction. The Zenn Delay allowed reconstruction without any tissue expansion required. These are her before surgery and two month post-surgery photos. For younger patients undergoing preventative mastectomy, the Zenn Delay is an excellent option for a beautiful and natural result that does not look like a reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction with Zenn Delay Before and After Patient 3

Patient 4 – This 57-year-old would normally have had a mastectomy and tissue expander on the right and a breast lift with augmentation on the left to match. Dr. Zenn felt that she did not need surgery on the left and that using a Zenn Delay he could effectively create a right breast to match the left. Shown two weeks after mastectomy and her final result with a gel implant 2 months later. Her breasts are soft, natural, and she did not have to change her wardrobe!

Breast Reconstruction with Zenn Delay Before and After Patient 4

Patient 5 – This 50-year-old woman had her mastectomy and lymph node sampling through a lateral incision and underwent Zenn Delay to use her existing breast skin and nipple complex. She is shown at two weeks post mastectomy ready for reconstruction then 2 1/2 months later with her final result. Because the implants were placed at 2 weeks after mastectomy she avoided the standard 2 to 3 months of tissue expansion – and has a beautiful result that would fool most doctors!

This 54-year-old woman had left breast cancer. She opted for bilateral Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (through the inframammary fold) and Zenn Delay reconstruction. One week after her mastectomy, before her reconstruction, pathology revealed a positive margin. This was removed during her bilateral reconstruction. One week later, that pathology showed an additional positive skin margin, and further skin resection was required. This was accomplished by excising an ellipse of skin above the nipple. Thanks to the delay effect of the Zenn Delay, pathology surprises can be addressed at reconstruction and if extra skin or the nipple needs to be removed, the breast skin is strong enough to survive it.


Photo 1A: Pre-operative (before mastectomy and reconstruction)

Photo 1B: One week after Zenn Delay reconstruction, with enhanced shape and aesthetics.

Photo 1C: Hashed area shows the positive margin. Skin excision to remove the area and maintain shape.

Photo 1D:  Her final result, shown two months post-surgery, with beautiful shape and aesthetics.

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