Patient 1 – This 54-year-old woman wanted to regain her breast fullness and smooth out her stomach so she could comfortably wear a bikini again. She had a high lateral tension abdominoplasty removing 1.5 pounds of tissue and a subfascial, periareolar breast augmentation with 250cc high profile silicone gel implants. This is her 3-month result.

Patient 2 – This 34-year-old woman was never happy with her breast size and droop but did not want to have scars from a breast lift, just a fuller size. She also could not improve her abdominal contour despite doing core exercises. Dr. Zenn performed a high lateral tension tummy tuck with liposuction, removing nearly 3 pounds of tissue, smoothing her abdomen. She also had a periareolar, subfascial breaste augmentation with 325cc MP+ gels giving her a natural appearing augmentation without noticeable scars. This is her 2- month result.

Patient 3 – This 51-year-old woman successfully lost 20 pounds but was unable to lose anymore. She felt her breasts had too much droop and she did not like the stretch marks and bulge in her belly. Dr. Zenn performed a high lateral tension tummy tuck with muscle plication to flatten the tummy and remove the stretch marks. He created a fuller more uplifted shape with a subfascial breast augmentation with 300cc HP gels and a periareolar mastopexy. This is her 3-month result.

Patient 4 – This 43-year-old always worked out hard but could not improve the extra wrinkled skin in her belly and did not like her small and uneven breasts. Dr. Zenn performed a tummy tuck with no muscle plication since her muscles were fine. She also had a periareolar, biplanar breast augmentation with different size implants (left 275cc HP gel, right 300cc HP gel) to address the size difference. This is her 2-month result.

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