Patient 1 – 33 year old woman who wanted her breasts to be beautiful again. Over time they flattened and she lost her figure. Dr. Zenn performed a periareolar lift and a biplanar approach to a 350cc augmentation with moderate plus gel implants to give her the look she wanted. This is her result at 2 months post surgery.

Patient 2 - This is a 39 year old woman wanted to have breasts that “fit” her body. She felt had too much droop and was too small. Dr. Zenn performed a subfascial placement of 250cc moderate profile plus gel implant on the right and a 275cc high profile gel implant on the left with a vertical breast lift (lollipop). This is was her 2 month follow-up, loving her new look in a bathing suit.

Patient 3 - 34 year old patient was in amazing physical shape but her breasts were not. Time at the gym was not helping. Dr. Zenn performed a submuscular placement of 300cc high profile gel implants with a periareolar lift. This was her 2 month result. Now she has the entire package.

Patient 4- 45 year old patient loved her tummy tuck and returned to Dr. Zenn for a breast augmentation to better fit her desired body shape. She had subglandular placement of 300cc gel implants and an anchor skin pattern. This is her 3 month follow up. Many patients combine the tummy tuck with the rejuvenation of the breasts in one surgery, which can be safely done.

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Patient 5 - This 38 year old woman lost over 100 pounds which made her feel feel great but made her breasts completely empty. She was reinflated with 350cc gel implants and the nipples repositioned with a periareolar lift. This is her result at 3 months and now looks great in her clothes.

Patient 6 - This 51-year-old woman successfully lost 20 pounds but was unable to lose anymore. She felt her breasts had too much droop. Dr. Zenn created a fuller more uplifted shape with a subfascial breast augmentation with 300cc HP gels and a periareolar mastopexy. This is her 3-month result.

Patient 7 - 42 year old woman who never liked the unusual shape of her breasts and was embarrassed out of clothes. She had a severe tubular deformity of the breast that is hard to fix. Dr. Zenn performed a periareolar breast reshaping and augmented the breasts with a 375cc gel on the right, and a 400cc gel on the left. This is her 3 month result. She said the surgery completely changed the way she felt about herself.

Patient 8 (Fickling) - 41 year old woman who was tired of bras that were too large and breasts that drooped and were too small…and the left was bigger than the right. Dr. Zenn performed a superior-medial pedicled lift with anchor scars, augmented with 200 cc gel breast implants in the subfascial plane. The mounds were sculpted to be the same size. Shown at her 3 month followup after proudly wearing her new bathing suit.

Patient 9 - 42 year old patient who had uneven breasts that were difficult to fit in a bra and needed some uplift. Dr. Zenn performed a subfascial placement of different sized implants (175cc on the right and 250cc moderate profile gel on the left) with a vertical mastopexy (lollipop) for best shape and symmetry. This is her very natural appearing 3 month result.

Patient 10 - 33 year old woman wanted to have more cleavage and to fit into clothes better. Dr. Zenn performed a periareolar breast lift with subfascial placement of 350cc moderate profile plus gel implants. Shown at 3 month post op and loving her new look.

Patient 11 - 40 year old woman complained about the unusual shape of her breasts and the fact that the left breast was significantly larger than the right. Dr. Zenn performed a periareolar breast lift with breast augmentation with 225cc moderate plus gel implants and 75cc peripheral liposuction. This is her much more shapely and symmetric result at 2.5 months post surgery.

Patient 12 - This 19 year old patient had congenital breast asymmetry and was always embarrassed by the difference in her breasts. It became harder and harder to hide the difference in clothes, and as she gained weight the left got even larger. Dr. Zenn improved the breast shape and nipple position on the left side with a left breast lift and matched her left side with a right periareolar augmentation. This is her result at 4 months. She told Dr. Zenn it was the first time she felt “normal” and “pretty.”

Patient 13 –31 year old woman who presented with a noticeable congenital asymmetry with the left breast much smaller and higher on the chest. Dr. Zenn made the breasts prettier and more symmetric with a periareolar lift on the right with a 175cc moderate profile gel implant augmentation and a periareolar biplanar approach to the left augmentation with a 275cc moderate plus gel implant. This was her result 2 months post surgery.