Breast Augmentation DurhamThere are a variety of reasons why women seek out Dr. Zenn’s 20 year’s worth of technical and artistic skill for a breast augmentation. Many of his potential breast augmentation candidates are not looking to go as big as possible, but instead, desire natural-looking results that will make them look like the best possible version of themselves. If you feel like you have an uneven figure, breast augmentation by Dr. Zenn can help balance you out, providing you with the silhouette you’ve always wanted. 

  1. A Breast Augmentation Can Give a Woman the Hourglass Silhouette She Desires

We all know that women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Many women often want that ever-so-popular hourglass silhouette, in which the size of her bust matches the size of her thighs, with a trimmer abdomen in between. If you have naturally small breasts, though, you might find yourself thinking you’ll never have this shape. Not so fast. By carefully selecting breast implants and making the right breast augmentation surgery choices with Dr. Zenn, that hourglass figure can be within your reach!

  1. Breast Augmentations Can Even Out Asymmetrical Breasts

Some women seek Dr. Zenn’s assistance to literally balance out their breasts. While all women exhibit some degree of breast asymmetry, some women have such drastically different sized breasts that it’s noticeable through clothing or in a bathing suit, and makes shopping for a properly fitting bra nearly impossible!

Because women can have different sized and shaped breast implants inserted into each of her breasts, breast augmentation is a popular procedure for balancing asymmetrical breasts. What you thought would never happen is in fact possible. You can have symmetrical breasts that look great in any style of clothing, including tight-fitting tops, bathing suits, and tops that show off cleavage.

  1. A Breast Augmentation Can Provide a Woman with Beautifully Shaped Breasts

Some women have naturally rounder breasts, while others don’t. If you’re unhappy with the shape of your breasts and wish they were rounder or more uplifted and full, then breast implants may be an excellent choice for you. Known to provide that fuller, rounder look and create more cleavage, breast implants give many women the look they desire.

Your Breast Augmentation Experience at Zenn Plastic Surgery

Whatever your unique reason is for wanting breast augmentation, you should know that when you choose to consult with Zenn Plastic Surgery, other than our utmost concern for your health, our goal is to understand your desires and prepare a treatment plan that meets those desires. When you meet with Dr. Zenn for an initial breast augmentation consultation, he’ll not only examine your breasts but ask you questions to learn more about why you’re interested in having the surgery. Through these series of questions, he’ll be able to determine if you’re a proper breast augmentation candidate, and, if so, what type of implants, incision type, and breast placement type is right for your unique case.

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